Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Monday, November 24, 2014

Hello hello!
This week was another great week in the life of a missionary! But before I get into that... HAPPY (early) THANKSGIVING!!! Today is our Pday, and we're having the Turkey Bowl later today (american football) to celebrate! Gonna be fun :)
Back to missionary work! :) We've been working super hard to find more and more people to visit and teach about the church and it's been a very successful week in that sense. Then to top it off, Christian and Lemily came to church! AND it was the primary presentation so it was an extra special sunday! Lemily is one of our investigators and Christian is her boyfriend who we found out is actually a less-active member of the church. They were only able to stay the first hour, but they loved it and said they will definitely come back next week! The ward was really loving and kind to them too, I was glad that they were able to make friends to quickly in the ward!
Also another cool miracle happend this week. Last week, or maybe the week before, we were out contacting names on our "potential investigators" list. In other words, we were out visiting people who other missionaries have met before but never formally taught any lessons to. We went to visit a girl named Emily, but she said she wasn't interested. So we decided to knock some doors on that street, and we said we would keep knocking until we found at least one person who was interested. After about a half hour of knocking doors we met this man, Rob, who didn't seem interested but then said that he would love to have us back to teach his family... uh What!? We were so excited to teach this family about Jesus Christ. But then, we go back during our next appointment with them and his wife answered and said they aren't interested, stop coming by. We were pretty discouraged after that, but once again, we wouldn't let it stop us! We saw this man across the street sitting outside with his kids so naturally, we walked over and started talking to him. He's the man! His name is Cory and we invited him to learn more about what we teach and he accepted. We've taught him again once since then and invited him to church this upcoming Sunday and he said he'd love to and he might bring his kids along too! I can't wait to see his family progress!
The reason I share that story is because it taught me a really important lesson about Faith. We were met with discouragement a couple times and didn't give up. We showed our faith and kept pushing forward, striving to do whats right and share what we know to be true. As we continue to show our faith, we are able to see miracles come into our life. Show your faith in Jesus Christ by striving to become more like Him. Having faith in Christ will lead to repentence, which will ultimately lead you to our Heavenly Father and His eternal love for each and every one of us. Be strong and of good courage, the Lord is watching :)
Love you all!
Elder Macfarlane   

Monday, November 17, 2014

I'm assuming this is Nick's zone...I see Elder Hubbard, Elder Coats and Elder Anderson (previous companions)! Pretty sweet to all be in the same zone together.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This week has been hectic! I've got a new companion, Elder Weiss, who is an incredible missionary. He is not afraid to speak to anyone on the streets and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. He has such immense faith, I hope to one day be as faithful as he is.
This past week was filled with miracles, especially these last few days! I'll just share a couple experiences we had. So the first is with a man named Steve. Steve knocked on our door about a month ago on accident and we started talking about what we do as missionaries. He said that he could really use some religion in his life right now and so we exchanged contact information and that was it. We were unable to set an appointment with him since that day. He was always busy or we already had an appointment. But finally, last Saturday, one of our appointments fell through and so we decided to call up Steve. He said for us to come over right that instant. So we accepted and drove over to his place and found out he was going through an extremely hard time and feeling very depressed. We shared the message of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he is already more optimistic about life. By no means is he back to his regular self yet, but it amazes me how much someone can change and improve by simply learning of God's love and plan for His children. Steve also accepted becoming baptized when he receives an answer to his prayers to know if this is truely the church of Jesus Christ. So happy for him :)
Another miracle from this past week was also on Saturday, later in the day. We went to go visit some potential  investigators that past missionaries had met and said we should go visit. We went to visit a woman named Maria, but when we got there she wasn't home. But the daughter's boyfriend came out and said "hey Elders!" When someone calls us Elders we get excited because that means they know who we are. Turns out this man is a less-active member from Queensland (another state in Australia) and just moved in with his girlfriend's family a few weeks ago. We talked with him for about 20 minutes then went inside briefly and visited with his girlfriend, Lemily. They are half Samoan, half Cook Island and I know a little Samoan so I was able to briefly bond by speaking their language with them. We taught about prophets and how we have a prophet on the earth today, who's name is Thomas S. Monson. We invited Lemily to continue meeting with us so she can learn more and she accepted. Also Christian (the less-active boyfriend) said he'd come to church next week and bring some of his girlfriend's family. I'm super excited to see the progression of this family in coming closer to their Savior, Jesus Christ.
I love being a missionary :)
Elder Macfarlane

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I got a new companion! I'm in Mortdale still and I'm now with Elder Weiss. He's from Utah and he's spanish speaking! I'm super excited to start learning spanish now! Elder Weiss is seriously the best missionary I've ever met before so I'm just really excited to work with him! He is a hard worker. It should be a very successful transfer, I hope! ;)