Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Malo soifua, g'day mate, and how ya goin!?
This week I just wanted to share a brief thought:
I'm still in the Samoan ward and I've been here for almost 6 months now. Transfers are this upcoming weekend and President Back (our mission president) said I'll stay here again. We are having heaps of success in this ward and so many people are experiencing miracles, I love it! Just yesterday we left in the middle of church (which I thought was weird because that's the second time I've ever left church DURING church. The other time was with one of my friends back in Minnesota going to get another friend out of bed ;) haha ) and we went to visit our investigators, the Mekaio's, and gave their child a blessing. It was a very simple blessing, we've given hundreds of blessings before, but for some reason this one felt different to me. I opened my eyes when my companion said amen and imediately saw Brother Mekaio's face was filled with tears. As I scanned the rest of the room I saw that everyone in the room was crying, except for the boy, Elder Bourne, and myself. They then shared their gratitude for us coming over and blessing the family with our presence. I love this experience because I made me realize how wonderful a work I've been a part of the past 19.5 months. We litterally see miracles on a daily basis and I have rarely stopped to take notice of the hand of God in my life. During this blessing, I had felt the powerful spirit in the room as my companion gave this beautiful blessing, but not enough to really take thought. That is, not until I opened my eyes. It was a very humbling and special experience to me.
I love you all heaps! Have a great week!
Elder Macfarlane

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I've started to realize how I wish I took more pictures throughout my mission, hopefullly that will drive me to start taking more with the families that we visit and with the missionaries I know here! The mission is a great experience and pictures are the greatest way to share it with others!
Guess what!? I found out I get to me ANOTHER apostle! Elder Quinton L Cook is coming at the end of May! :D That's four of the twelve apostles throughout my mission! Elder Oaks in 2013, Nelson in 2014, Bednar at the beginning of 2015, and now Cook in the middle of 2015! Such a great opportunity and experience! Not many missions (at least that I know of) get that great opportunity! Super excited! :)

Elder Macfarlane
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