Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello hello!

This week has been hectic! I've been transferred out of the Samoan ward and into the English ward, but still covering the same boundaries. I am in Green Valley ward, which is great because there's still heaps of islanders that I can speak to in their native language. 

It's been difficult because I'm entering a ward that had three of it's four missionaries finish their mission last week so they were very "trunky," or in other wards, lazy and ready to go home. So my new companion, Elder Carter, and I have began working from almost nothing besides a few names on a piece of paper that the previous missionaries said "could have potential." 

My companion, Elder Carter, is from Morgan, Utah. He's a bit taller than me, but not as twiggy as I. He goes home the same day as I do so we both are currently pushing each other to not get trunky and keep working hard. He's a very fun companion to be with and we are able to smash the area, but still have a great time in the process.

I'm not sure if I have already told you this or not, but I am District Leader again. My district is quite large for a district as well. An average district typically will have 8 missionaries in it, but I have 13 in mine. The name of our district is "District Win" because we will smash the areas that we cover and become the best district in the mission by helping save mobs of souls! :)  

We are currently doing a mission-wide "competition," but they say it's not a competition, but it totally is. We are seeing what districts can find the most potential investigators and most new investigators in the mission and the top five to ten districts get their names on the weekly email from our mission president. This past week, my name (since I'm the district leader) made it on the email as being the 5th best district in the mission in potentials and 9th best in overall potentials and new investigators. It's not about being the best, it's about saving souls, but I can't help feeling a bit proud of my district when we work hard and see success as a result.

Love you all, have a great week!!
Elder Macfarlane

Elder Harry and Elder Macfarlane
 Elder Harry finished his mission and went back to his tiny island of Vanuatu

 First day in Green Valley was cleaning out his flat
 (20 bags total after all of the cleanup)

This picture was done with spray paint and it's huge

Monday, July 13, 2015

This weeks letter is simple, I am repenting for the lack of photos that I've sent these past 7 months while in the Samoan ward. I've been transferred this week so I went around and took some pictures with some of the great families I got to visit. I've moved to Green Valley Ward (an English ward) with Elder Carter from Morgan, Utah. What's funny is that I literally moved down the street about 5 minutes away. I cover the same area as my last ward (Liverpool 2nd) but now I'm just working with the English speaking people. I have mixed feelings about leaving the Samoan ward because I've gotten very close to these wonderful members and investigators, but it seems that the Lord is preparing people in the English world for me to teach as well. 

So, here's some pictures!! :)
Love you heaps! :)
Elder Macfarlane
Liverpool Zone
My favorite family, the Iakapo's (Jacob's family) and Pati family
This has been my mother, grandmother, brother, sister, cousins, etc 
for the past 7 months
Moana, Teuimoana and Lesi
 (Jacob's family, that weren't in the other pictures)
Lopa and Brother Tavu'i
at Lopa's baptism this past weekend
Mekaio family, one of my favorite families in Ingleburn 2nd
Sister Mekaio got baptized about a month ago and her daughter, Felocity,
got baptized a few weeks ago
Elders Quorum president and family, the Taulolo's
The Tauiliili kids that we have been teaching the last 6 months
Ben, Randy, Tupu and Leonardo (Ben and Leonardo are members)
(Tupu and Randy are not members along with the parents)
Pepe Family and Elder Tito
The bishops family, the Taugaele's
Andrea (green jumper) is an investigator
Lisa (blue jumper with kissy face) got baptized when Nick 
first got to the ward
Peter and Lima with their new baby girl
Peter is an investigator and Lima is a returning less-active member!
The rest of the Gaugau family (mom and dad are in the back with all of their
kids except Peter)
Brother and Sister Faletagoa'i (ward mission leader of Ingleburn 2nd)
Elder Macfarlane and Elder Bourne too

Friday, July 10, 2015

Mate, Elder Bourne

That awkward moment when a companion (Elder Carter) tries to serve you by washing
your white towel, but it turns pink

Moana, Teu, and Lesi

Brother Faletagoa'i and Bishop Sio from Ingleburn 2nd

Elder Bourne and I are companions again!

Elder Tafegatoto , Elder Harry, and Elder Fisihoi

Elder Angala, Mariano, Togia, Vaele, and Sister Zeigner

Elder Vaele and I at the temple

Liverpool District at the Temple
Elder Barlow, Elder Harry, Sis Wong, Sis Larsen, Elder Vaele

Christmas party with Vaele, Roberts, and Naidu

Ben's Baptism
(Leonardo, Randy, Ben,Tupu)


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Next week is transfers and I reckon I'll be moving since I've already been in Liverpool 2nd for 7 months almost. We'll see what happens though. We'll be emailing on Tuesday next week. Whoever my next companion is will probably be my last... that's weird to think. And wherever I end up going next transfer (going or staying) will also probably be my last. It's unbelievable that in 15 weeks (3 months) from today I'll be stepping on the plane home. There are still so many things I want to do, so many things I still want to read and study, so many people I'd like to see get baptized, yet so little time to do it all! 

This past transfer has been a good one and this upcoming week will be a great way to finish off the transfer! We've seen heaps of miracles as we strive to help people to change and come closer to Christ. Felicity was baptized a week ago, and next weekend Michelle will be getting baptized (one of the returning/less-active member's daughters) as well as Lopa, whom we've been teaching for the past 2.5 months now. Great to see so many people understand and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ into their lives. 

Yesterday we talked to Alvin, one of our investigators that I've gained a very close friendship with, and he told us that he wants to be baptized! He said that he has felt such a great change in his heart and has seen so many blessings from the changes that he's made, that it would simply make sense for him to be baptized. We've still got a few things to teach so we haven't set a date yet, but that is one of my personal primary goals this week, set a date for Alvin's baptism!

I think Alvin's story is especially significant to me because he has truly became my brother. I've been able to see him change, as well as the family that he stays with, simply by following the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as well as a majority of the Christian community, we are blessed to know that we are all brothers and sisters, spirit children of our Heavenly Father. Therefore, we should all love one another as such. It's incredible to see the joy that comes from increasing your love for those around you.

Being a missionary is the BEST! :)

Love you heaps!
Elder Macfarlane

 Felicity's baptism with Elder Macfarlane and Elder Bourne

Look what he found...spelled wrong (he knows), but close enough!