Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The sweetest letter from Nick's Bishop in Bankstown

Thank you so much Sis Macfarlane for providing us with his blog details as he has become an integral part of our family; in fact we consider him one of our own.

We miss him but were grateful to have had the opportunity to see him again during the weekend while attending the General Conference broadcast at our stake center. My mother adores him and always asks for him. She isn't a member (yet) of this gospel we love and she has always avoided the missionaries since I was baptized in 2003, but a miracle entered into our lives and my mother established a great love for Elder Macfarlane.

Although Elder Macfarlane left despite my mother not being baptized, he will always be the miracle that helped my mother open her heart to the gospel of Jesus Christ. For that I will always be grateful to him and have a great love for my brother Elder Macfarlane.

We love you and the family.

Love the Tufuga family

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