Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I freaking love the samoan ward! It's difficult because I don't speak their language, but that just forces me to rely on the Savior even more and to follow the spirit even more when I'm with the people that we teach! I've already seen heaps of miracles, for example, we were sitting in a lesson with one of our new investigators and the entire lesson was in samoan, so I didn't really know what was being said but I felt a strong impression to testify of the Book of Mormon. We weren't planning on introducing the Book of Mormon that day, but I really felt that I needed to say something about it. So when the conversation seemed to slow day, I waited for a pause and I quickly shot in. I apologized for my poor speaking abilities in their language, but I testified of the truthfullness that we share. And the way that those we teach can know for themselves if our message is true is by reading the Book of Mormon and praying to our Heavenly Father if it is true. Again, my samoan vocab is very limited so I probably had many mistakes, but the message got through. The spirit was incredibly strong. Afterwards, my companion told me about how the lesson had gone and he said our investigators were very impressed with not only my samoan speaking abilities, but more importantly the simple testimony I shared. It's all about the spirit. Allow the spirit to guide you throughout your life and you will never be misguided.
Love you all,
Elder Macfarlane

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  1. This is awesome! Elder Larsen just was transferred to a Samoan ward last week, with no prior knowledge of the lingo. I will have to share some of these thoughts with him. Good job Elder Mac!