Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Highlights from his letters this past month....

November 4-December 2, 2013

Notes to Eric:
*I saw a Wallaby. They are almost the same as a kangaroo except smaller.

*Next week, I'm gonna have to eat a muscle...I'm kind of scared to try it because it's basically like eating a booger! And that is gross!

*Do you know how lucky we are to have everything that we have? We live in a big home with a great family who all loves each other so much! Even though we all fight sometimes, we still love each other more than anything! We have a mom and dad who make good choices and are great examples to us. We go to church every Sunday and know that Jesus Christ loves us. Not everyone in this world knows that. There are some people here in Australia that don't know much about Jesus. Most of them don't even know how to pray! I taught this guy yesterday who is 17 years old and has never prayed before in his life! Be thankful for everything you have in your life because you never know when you might lose it!

*Be nice to everyone and take good care of mom! She does a lot for you and I think she'd love some help sometimes!

*Challenge for you: write 50 things you are thankful for and send it to me in an email!

Notes to Austin:
*My mission has been great so far. I teach people about our church basically all day. I know that doesn't sound like fun, and it really isn't, but it's a really good experience and I love doing it! I give a ton of service in this area! I have made a garden, weeded, built steps, built a fence and plenty of other things! I love learning how to do new things! And guess what?! I learned how to play the ukelili and it's great. It's basically a mini guitar.

*I hope everything is going well at home and you are being nice to Eric! :)

*Challenge for you: Before I get home from my mission in October 2015, I need you to read the whole Book of Mormon. It's a big goal to have and I'm giving you a long time to do it! Read it and try to understand as much as you can!

*Challenge for the family: Memorize D&C 4 by Christmas! It is very important to memorize it before you go on a mission because I'm trying to memorize it right now! Good luck! I'll check up on ya at Christmas to make sure you did it!

*Hey mom! Sorry I forgot to tell you, but on transfer weeks (every 6 weeks) we have P-day on Tuesdays instead of Mondays! So here I am, I didn't forget about you ;)

*I get to skype home on Christmas!! :) It'll be Christmas in America, but the 26th here in Australia.

*Another 6 weeks with Elder Coats! (he didn't get transferred)

*I didn't do much on Thanksgiving. We are limited on the amount we are aloud to drive each month and we were cut down a lot of km's this month so we ran out by the time Thanksgiving came around. We made some banana bread (and it was GOOD) and did normal missionary stuff all day. But the day after, we went and had a big dinner party at the Kamer's. I seriously love those people! They feed us so much! Sunday night the Kamers had a few families and us Elders over for dinner and we had a bunch of tacos, hot dogs, cake and BBQ stuff. It was good!

* Gosh, I miss being home! It's all good though, because I love it here!

*I'm glad Tyler is going to seminary, even though it's tough in the early mornings! He should try to get all of the awards his freshman year! That would be SO COOL!

*Nothing really new is going on here in terms of missionary work. Everyone we try meeting with cancels on us and we've lost one of our investigators that we met this week already. The only one that we are really teaching right now is Jimmy, but we've only taught him once and he is busy a lot. We talk about religion all the time when playing basketball on Wednesday nights though so that's good. (:

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