Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This week is a very short update for you all! But here's some quick highlights of the week!
I'm officially learning Samoan! President says he might change my call and assign me Samoan speaking, which would be AWESOME! What that means is that I would be called to a Samoan speaking ward and have to learn Samoan.. and fast! I started really working on that this week and the three Samoans that I live with are helping me with that!
The next picture is one of my companion and I, along with the Sister missionaries and the Manakafua family. Those little foil wrappings that look like little Hershey Kisses is horse! Yes, like the animal! We ate it for dinner yesterday and it was really good! It was actually my second time having it but it was the other three missionary's first time! Great fun :)
And the final, and most exciting, picture is that Brother Rio got baptized! :D Brother Rio is in the Samoan ward that my companion and I work closely with. Brother Rio's family are all members and he finally, after 25 years, decided to join his family and get baptized! He's an incredible man and someone who has really strengthened my testimony! The gospel, once again, has brought yet another family together! :) I love this church!
Elder Macfarlane 

Dinner at the Manakafua's
Baptism of Brother Rio with Elder Bourne

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