Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Thursday, April 2, 2015

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Incredible things are happening here too, I'll write all about it next week! We have a baptism on Saturday this week!! :) Her name is Lisa, she is 14. We should have another 4 or 5 in the next month too, hopefully! Also, having a pool table back home in MN payed off! We started teaching a new less active family a few weeks ago and they are coming back to church, making changes in their life, and seeing blessings that come from those changes. And guess what was the ticket for all of that? Pool :) Islanders are really good at pool (like insanely good) and they always make fun of palagie's for being useless. But I played a game against my companion, beat him. Then played against the father of the family and I won, then he won, then I won the tie breaker! He was very impressed and said that we could stay and teach the family as long as he can first play a game of pool, best two out of three with the white boy, me. We're pretty close in skill level, but I think the Lord helps me a bit because I've made some pretty impressive shots...and as a result, this less active family of 15 people are starting to come back to church!! :) Great stuff :) Maybe ping pong or fooseball will come in handy too later ;)

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