Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Next week is transfers and I reckon I'll be moving since I've already been in Liverpool 2nd for 7 months almost. We'll see what happens though. We'll be emailing on Tuesday next week. Whoever my next companion is will probably be my last... that's weird to think. And wherever I end up going next transfer (going or staying) will also probably be my last. It's unbelievable that in 15 weeks (3 months) from today I'll be stepping on the plane home. There are still so many things I want to do, so many things I still want to read and study, so many people I'd like to see get baptized, yet so little time to do it all! 

This past transfer has been a good one and this upcoming week will be a great way to finish off the transfer! We've seen heaps of miracles as we strive to help people to change and come closer to Christ. Felicity was baptized a week ago, and next weekend Michelle will be getting baptized (one of the returning/less-active member's daughters) as well as Lopa, whom we've been teaching for the past 2.5 months now. Great to see so many people understand and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ into their lives. 

Yesterday we talked to Alvin, one of our investigators that I've gained a very close friendship with, and he told us that he wants to be baptized! He said that he has felt such a great change in his heart and has seen so many blessings from the changes that he's made, that it would simply make sense for him to be baptized. We've still got a few things to teach so we haven't set a date yet, but that is one of my personal primary goals this week, set a date for Alvin's baptism!

I think Alvin's story is especially significant to me because he has truly became my brother. I've been able to see him change, as well as the family that he stays with, simply by following the teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, as well as a majority of the Christian community, we are blessed to know that we are all brothers and sisters, spirit children of our Heavenly Father. Therefore, we should all love one another as such. It's incredible to see the joy that comes from increasing your love for those around you.

Being a missionary is the BEST! :)

Love you heaps!
Elder Macfarlane

 Felicity's baptism with Elder Macfarlane and Elder Bourne

Look what he found...spelled wrong (he knows), but close enough!

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