Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Sunday, September 6, 2015

G-day everyone! This week I received my final companion for my final transfer, Elder Harvey. Elder Harvey is the man! He's 22 years old and from Aukland, New Zealand! He has a mad accent. I'm hoping to be able to acquire a bit of it before I go home because I feel like I have my boring old American accent still!! We'll let you be the judge of that when I get home in 5 weeks! :) Elder Harvey is fresh from the New Zealand MTC (Missionary training center) and is ready to work! I love being able to have a fired up missionary my final transfer! We work hard and get along great! Our personalities match perfectly and both pretty chill. AND he played basketball for the national New Zealand boys squad a few years back. Lucky for us, we live right next to a basktball court and play every morning at 6:30 for morning exercise! He's helping me get back into shape and I love it!

Update on investigators this week is pretty good news. We currently have two that we focus on more than anything, Alvin and Jeremiah, and they are doing great! They have both committed to baptism and love the gospel of Jesus Christ! The only thing we're still working on, is marriage. Alvin is living with his partner Rangi and Jeremiah is living with his partner Layla and neither are married. But both have an incredibly strong testimony and it's great to see their continual progress!

That's about it for the week, can't wait to see you all soon! I'm super excited and extremely sad at the same time....I love being a servant of the Lord and living life where all I do is help others all day, every day. But I'm excited to see my family and friends as well.

Love you all! Don't forget to pray! Everyday, everyday, everyday!
Elder Macfarlane

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